Christmas Fair 2017

Keep the 9th December free as we are holding our fair at the Community Centre from 6:00 p.m. As last year we will have a Santa Grotto, free mince pies, hot chocolate, music from our Community Choir and High School as well as lighting up our tree. In addition to that we have a bouncy castle,lots of stalls and prizes for the best dressed Prince and Princess. We are also raffling off a signed Hearts football and a signed Hibs top. More to be announced soon. So lots to look forward to!.

Housing Development

We are undoubtedly facing challenges at this time with unprecedented pressures being placed on our green belt and green sites with developers looking to build large volumes of housing. I do believe all of us recognise the need for suitable affordable housing, indeed Currie would certainly benefit from more Retirement homes, but that doesn't seem to fit in with current development. Some say our infrastructures are at breaking point and until they are brought up to a reasonable standard no new developments should even be considered! We need to put pressure on CEC and developers to consider not only where they build but to reflect what the community actually wants.Be assured CCC will continue to fight to protect our way of life but we need your continued support.

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We hope to do two fairly major projects for those living with Dementia in the next 18 months. One is  bringing a Dementia Cafe to Currie and this is now organised for the 14th November, the other to  create a Dementia Friendlyand Sensory Garden.

Both require volunteers and I do hope you all consider offering both your support and time to make these really important tasks happen.

Date for our Christmas Fair is the 9th December 2017 at Community Centre. Allan has organised our Santa for the grotto which proved the highlight last year. We will as usual be providing surprises, Mince pies and mulled wine. Again we need volunteers to help organise this upcoming event.

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