Firstly apologies for such a long time between updates but as volunteers our time is limited and sometimes we just run out of it!

It's been quite busy 2019 with lot's of pressure on services such as Health, Roads, Grass cutting, helping to Save our Schools as well as the all too regular dog poo occurrences.

As usual, our regular meeting will be on the 2nd Monday of the month, in this case, 12th August.

For clarity, we normally do not have meetings in July or December but only vote on this in June and November in case issues mean we need to meet.

The most important issue raised in June was the upcoming community council elections. More info on this will be issued by Edinburgh City Council as they do all the advertising and election material as this is a legal requirement. Allan and I are willing to continue, subject to being nominated and successful, for one more “session” but do feel we need to start looking for both a new chair and vice-chair to ensure continuity.

My opinion

 Under the current regulations, community councils have certainly been marginalised especially with the shambles that has been localities. Neighbourhood partnerships at least ensured we had a place at the table unlike the new system and this has led to a lot of discontent from most cc’s.

Without more control given to local groups for local issues, we are often at the mercy of “political” decisions made on party lines which seldom align with what communities actually want.

As volunteers, our time is extremely valuable and we often feel that we are consulted simply to tick a box rather than actually listen to what we say.

Having been involved with CCC for nearly a decade I feel that power needs to be delegated to local groups, subject to proper consultation and collaboration ensuring that everyone has a voice and we become far more inclusive.

The bottom line, however, is cc’s find it extremely hard to attract the young the active and the passionate and often do not represent the communities they live in. We do try extremely hard to be active and have held many open meetings, hustings and support many local groups. Often we only hear of what we haven’t done rather than all the great work we do (in no order) in getting:-

  • roads repaired
  • trees cut
  • parks improved
  • planning issues raised and won!!
  • Parking issues raised
  • Protecting the greenbelt
  • Funding and supporting local groups
  • Getting a twice-monthly FREE exercise group in place in partnership with Edinburgh Leisure 1st and 3rd Monday from 2 at 42nd Pentlands Scout Hall Forthview Crescent
  • Supporting Dementia Café and Dementia Friendly Pentlands Charity
  • Community park
  • Christmas Fair, bringing our community together
  • Summer Fairs
  • Helping to fund foreign trips for students
  • Working closely with CEC, elected representatives and many others holding them to account.
  • Get benches on WOL
  • Set up and support a local Men’s Shed.   Every Friday from 10:00 a.m. 42nd Pentlands Scout Hall Forthview Crescent
  • Hold hustings during all elections
  • Work very closely with CCHS and PTA, PIP’s in saving our High School
  • Helping Nether Currie by funding projects and working with pupils
  • Fighting alongside PTA etc in getting Nether Currie Nursery
  • Working with our university on local projects
  • Fighting for better bus routes
  • Supporting Woodlands School
  • Fighting to get the Currie Primary extension completed
  • Liaise with other CC’s
  • Represent Currie at many meetings, events, conferences etc
  • Member of Edinburgh Association of Community Councils (EACC)
  • Represent Currie at Neighbourhood Partnership and Locality events

I could go on and on but it is the nature of the beast that we are easy targets for some who do feel we are basically useless unaware of the huge amount of work behind the scenes.

I am well aware we are not the best at promoting the work we do BUT that’s not why we do it…we want to make our community a better place to live and hand on heart we manage to do that 90% of the time. Working with our local elected members also is a huge part of our workload and we are extremely lucky in having such a hard-working dedicated group. Sometimes they face party conflict with what we need and it is our job to almost keep politics out of the equation! and get the best for US. Not an easy task sometimes, for both sides.

I am aware some indeed many may well disagree with my thoughts but after a decade working extremely hard for my community UNPAID, as do all members of CCC I trust you accept I am allowed to raise these issues.

Be well and see some of you in August



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