Currie Community Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 12th August 2019 at Gibson Craig Hall, Currie

Present: Allister McKillop (Chair), Allan Murray (Vice-Chair), Marge Barker, Roy McKenzie, Bashir Malik,

Trish Lumsden, Keith Symington, Hilary

Robb, Ian Proudfoot and Neil Dickson Neighbourhood Watch, Richard Owen, Cllrs Graeme Bruce, Ricky Henderson and Neil Gardiner, Martin Bone, Gordon Clephane Currie Kirk, Andrew Mutter, Mark Taylor

Apologies- Cllr Susan Webber, Amjad Chaudry,

  1. Minutes of last meeting
  • Approval
  • Matters arising/apologies


  1. Heriot Watt University

Desired to have a more involved relationship with the University. Professor John Sawkins, Depute Principal for learning and Linda Johnston Director of Estates, attended. John intends to come every month or two to the CCC meetings. They have recently established a new strategy that takes them to 2025 and one of the main values is “Belonging” and the local community is part of that. They are trying to refresh the campus trails for people to enjoy walking through. About to launch the trim track which is open for the community to use. The next stage for Oriam is to build 6 indoor tennis courts. Completed the new grid building. National Robotarium will be situated there (leading innovation hub for artificial intelligence). Building a new student life centre. A new gym has just been installed and the 7-8th September is when the new students arrive. Arrival times will be managed so hopefully, there will be minimal disruption.

The HW park run is starting soon.

Heriot Watt are not linked to any developer.

Dogs are welcome on campus on leads.

Allister would like to try to encourage students to volunteer in the local community.

Martin Bone made an excellent suggestion and would like more information on what is happening at the university in the C and B news or by some other means.

  1. Police Report

Sgt David Moran-Community Sergeant at Oxgangs attended.


-16/6/19 Theft HB-garage entered on Bryce Road and Bike/tools stolen

-25/6/19 Theft HB-house entered on Thomson Road and jewellery stolen

-21/07/19-Att HB with intent-Tansy Street-Lock tampered with.


-30/6/19 Minor Assault at Dolphin Gardens West

Road Safety/Initiatives

-25/7/19 Driver reported for careless driving on Lanark Road West in Currie after colliding with a stationary motorbike.


-16/6/19 Unattended money at ATM stolen after being withdrawn

-19/6/19 Theft of motor vehicle, old style Landrover stolen from Heriot Watt visitor car park

-02/7/19 Theft pedal cycle from unlocked shed at Kirkgate, Currie

-08/7/19 Theft of tools from van parked to Muirwood Road

-13/7/19 Theft from a motor vehicle from lorry parked outside Heriot Watt Uni

-23/7/19 Theft money from locked room at Heriot Watt Uni

-24/7/19 Theft of a delivered package at Heriot Watt Uni

-26/7/19 Number plate stolen from Nether Currie Crescent

Housebreakings occur every month in a small pocket of Nether Currie and we have asked Sgt Moran if this could be looked at to see if a pattern emerges.

A traffic issued was discussed with the police officer. Local resident Andrew Mutter is very concerned re the heavy goods vehicular traffic on Riccarton Mains Road and wants something done about it. RSOPA (Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents) is based at Heriot Watt University. We need to look closer at this issue before someone is seriously hurt in an accident.

A suggestion is to require all HGV goods vehicles driving east on the Lang Whang to turn left down to Kirknewton. Question is how do we try to start this process?

Another resident feels that cars parked at the top of the road beside the Post Office serves to slow traffic down.

Cllr Ricky Henderson can see the problem and acknowledges that the parked cars do slow traffic down. He appreciates the work Andrew has done. He does not think we would be able to ban or restrict heavy goods vehicles entering our council area on the public road system, especially if it is out with our council area. He hopes for a survey to get done later in the year.

Martin Bone kindly offered to help sort the issue of the yellow lines proposal problem out as well as the other issues raised by Andrew Mutter and others over the Heavy-Duty traffic. Trish will sort out a time and date with Martin to see how we can proceed with this to reach a proposal which is acceptable to all affected parties.** Update CCC and elected councillors confirm full support for Martin to lead on this project. Ricky Henderson happy to be involved so meeting to be arranged ASAP

  1. Currie Kirk Cemetery-when the grass is cut it is no longer being cleared which is a problem as it makes the path very slippy for local residents. Maintenance of the cemetery is now under the remit of the Parks and Green spaces Department of ECC however they are 22 staff down. The standard and care has really gone downhill at this cemetery.

Allister suggests forming a community project “Friends of the Kirk” to help tidy and maintain this cemetery as the Council just do not have the money for this and it is extremely unlikely that any more money will be spent on it.

A member of the public, Mark Taylor, volunteered to clean it up every time the grass is cut if Currie Kirk would waive the fee or reduce it that his pipe band pay for their practice.

Gordon Clephane from the Currie Kirk did not believe they could give the space at the hall for free. He thinks Currie Kirk could take on the job of brushing up the grass and debris. Mark would be willing to help.

  1. Planning Keith Symington

-The Garden District proposal may have gone to Scottish Ministers and we are awaiting a decision.

-Stewart Avenue and Currievale Drive large extensions being built. This seems to be a trend in the area and is almost doubling the size of these properties.

  1. Currie Fair

Sadly we did not get any reduction in the licence fees so cannot afford to run the Fair this year. Thanks to both Keith and Trish for the input over this and we are well placed to challenge this next year. Trish suggested we request via freedom of information what CEC charges other like events. Chair to action

  1. Treasurer

Woodlands School have a grant with £100 but Marge did not know who to pay it to. It is to be paid to Currie Kirk for the hall hire. Marge was not happy that it wasn’t to be paid to Woodlands School but it was explained that they are using the grant to pay Currie Kirk for the hall hire for their prom.

We have £5822.76  which is misleading as “clear funds” actually £822.76 in the bank and £20.81 in hand.(£2000 of it is from Tesco for Pentland View Park & £3000 is funding from Neighbourhood Partnership for the Dementia/Community Garden Project) Most of the £822 will be used for rental of Hall

Marge has stepped down as treasurer and it is hoped we will have a new appointee next month. If not Lesia has offered to help in the interim

  1. Chairperson’s Report Allister McKillop


Community Garden

Shown plans for the Dementia Friendly Garden at Dolphin Gardens West. They have some funding guidelines and the whole thing will cost £235, 000. He is to present it to the local residents in and around the park.


Suggested some form of Community Environment Project to help tidy up our village. Clear footpaths, overhanging branches, gardens etc. Perhaps helping those unable to clear their pavement or just to make Currie a nicer place to live. Already some interest in this so will report in more detail next month


it has proved difficult to find a willing member of council to take ownership so webpage is not as easy to find info in as we would like. Members of the public quite rightly express there concern over finding up to date information. Whilst we send both agenda and minutes to local library and post on Facebook page it needs to be on webpage.

****Happily I can now report Richard Owen has agreed to be one of our administrator so these issues should be resolved very quickly. We now have myself Richard and Lesia but apologies to all impacted but there are only so many hours in the day and some things need to slip

 Community Council Elections will be open for nominations 9-30th September.

Ricky will get further information regarding this and write something for the C and B News and CCC will advertise further on Facebook. Should there be more nominations than are permitted to join the council we will need to hold elections. The current Leader and Deputy Leader are happy to serve another 3 year term if elected.

Winter Fair

to be held again, views asked for from the table.

The majority wish to have it but there is a feeling we need to rethink. If we all have a think about what we could or shouldn’t do for a Christmas Fair.

Men’s Shed

going well at the Scout Hut on Currievale Drive. Every Friday from 10:30 all welcome


Agreed not to have a meeting in December.

Final thoughts

Allan and the Cllr’s worked very hard to get Bryce Road being resurfaced and it was disheartening to get negative comments on Facebook.


  1. Vice Chair Allan Murray

Bryce Road resurfacing work to be started shortly.

Railings opposite Post Office will be remedied next year.

Overhanging bushes on Curriehill Road needs to be cut-Ricky Henderson will address this issue.

Reeds at the Park and Ride need looked at-Susan Webber is dealing with this. Ask for an update at the next meeting.

  1. Cllr’s Reports

Graeme Bruce-Bryce Road roadworks will commence 12th August.

-LRT buses looking at tenders so nothing changed as yet. Expecting a development in October/November time. Will keep CCC updated.

-spoke to Andy Edwards re the double yellow lines at Riccarton Mains Road. Council intending to write to the local residents who complained.

-Have had a few complaints re boy racers at the Park and Ride at Hermiston. And apparent drug use in car park  police to action

-Will look at crossing for Stewart Road issue.

Sue Webber- Car Park Doctors Surgery CCTV applied for update? ***UPDATE sadly answer from CEC was a definite NO as CCTV fully allocated for other projects


Ricky Henderson- The Wall going down from Lanark Road West to the Kirkgate will need to be checked.

Neil Gardiner- will find out how wide the dropped kerb can be allowed as people in Currie are dropping the pavement kerbs the length of their garden.

Flooding been an issue for the local area.

Planning Committee last week have agreed a timetable for the city plan which will come out in November.

  1. AOB

Street cleaners seem to be missing our area. Graeme Bruce will look at this as it helps contribute to the roads getting damaged and the localized flooding.



  1. Date of next meeting Monday 9th September 2019


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