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Christmas Fair Auction

To kick off (ha ha) our fair we have had a wonderful donation of a framed signed Hearts top...thanks to Jarvie Plant Hire.

It is our intention to auction this off with closing bids at the fair itself on Saturday 3rd December so make sure you come then if you want the top!!. The fair is being held at our Community Centre from 6 p.m. with our Grotto opening from 6:30 ( £2 to meet Santa)

For early bids please send contact details with bid to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We already have a bid of £55 so get bidding!!!!

This is only the beginning so for all you Hibees out there don't worry we have a few surprises for you too!!!!

As always entrance is free and we provide complimentary food and drink and lots of goodies and surprises.

Don't miss it we also have music from the High School and our ever popular Community Choir.

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