People with dementia need more support

People with dementia need more support

People with dementia need more support. The patients wait till they get a space in a home as need a more permanent place to live which provides help and support for the patient, but it’s like a waiting game. Who is going to help them? What can they do? How much time do we have left? There needs to be more support for the dementia patients.

Considering that there are different types of dementia then there should be more homes available for all the different types. “Mortimer house is designed specifically for people who have both dementia and learning disability” Care homes are being built for people with other disabilities that also have dementia. You can’t always see the different types of dementia, doesn’t mean we can ignore it. There are less and less spaces in all the care homes, so where do they expect the patients to go and live?

Patients need more time outside their care homes. Since it’s beneficial to keep a dementia patient active then there should be more activities going on outside their care homes instead of them sitting about all day. It’s said that “Exercise is beneficial for the physical and mental health and can improve the quality of life for people at all stages of dementia” There are so many things that you can do for them. Some examples are, dementia Café’s for the patient and there family and friends, dementia adventure which is park walks. Do you ever consider that if we keep them more active will their memories deteriorate slower? Just because they have forgotten how to do certain things doesn’t stop you from taken them out of the homes for a wee bit.

We should encourage more independence for the patients. When assisting with the patient you should offer encouragement to try get them to do things themselves with supervision. When assisting them you need to help them through their daily routines and activities completed in a day. Have you ever considered how lucky you are having your own independence? To be able to do things your way without nurses help? There are many ways that you can help keeping their independence and not to dwell on things that go wrong with the patients.

When people are first diagnosed it may be hard at first but you can get support. Where can you get help and advice from? There are many support groups and day centres to attend. It’s said on the Alzheimer Scotland website that day centres can “help people maintain their skills so that they can stay independent as long as possible and feel good about themselves” When your brain is losing its memories, you want to try to get help to keep it for longer. What activities can they offer? Exercise to music, painting, life’s tory work, gardening, discussion etc.…. There are many support groups and people to talk to when you are first diagnosed with dementia as it can be tough and hard to handle with at first.

Since a family member is diagnosed, we don’t always assume that the families might need support as well as the patient. If a family has a member with dementia it will be hard to handle everything. What support can be offered? They can help in many ways. You can gain support as you can have “denial about the disease”, “anger at the person”, “depression” etc.… When receiving help you can talk through challenges and ways of coping. You can always get help from people to talk through your problems and issues you are having.

Patients don’t have to go to care homes. They can receive support at home. How can you get help at home? Home care workers and personal assistants are there to help them to stay independent for as long as possible in the comfort of the own home. Home care workers can be there at any time in the day as they are very flexible to help out the patient, they are also there to do whatever is needed done for the patient. This is a much better option for the patient as they get to stay in the comfort of their own home and also don’t confuse the patient. Think about it. Would you prefer support in the comfort of your own home or at a day centre?

Is there enough support for dementia patients? I believe that there needs to be more care homes for the patients or more nurses going to the patient’s home. How would you feel if you or a loved one didn’t get enough care? We need to make more of an effort for the individuals, as you can’t always see the dementia in the individual. They are as important as everyone else, just because their brain has started to deteriorate doesn’t mean you can forget about them.

The Stigma of Dementia

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